Plenary approves a loan of 1.5 million to continue with the purchase of private homes for Emvisesa

The Plenary approved, with the favorable vote of PSOE

PP and Cs and the abstention of Participa Sevilla and IU, authorize the development of a mortgage loan line to finance the continuation of the program of acquisition of empty homes for sale through the purchase by Emvisesa, which would need financing of 1.5 million euros- Nettwerklabel.

The councilor for Economy, Trade and Institutional Relations, Carmen Castreño, emphasizes that the acquisition of housing is directed as a priority to especially needy groups and has been made by this system as a “faster” mechanism in the face of the existing urgency. In addition, it has put in value the development of the new Municipal Housing Plan, which emphasizes that it has been very involved and will provide solutions to the situation of the people of Seville.

The councilwoman of Participates Cristina Cristina Honorato affirms that she can not vote against the extension of the public park, but considers that there are “many aspects” that she does not share, like the financing, when understanding that there are alternatives not to indebt the City Council. “They leave us the money to buy their homes after they have profited from the pain of families, banking always wins,” he warns, while warning of lack of transparency of the program.

The spokesman of IU, Daniel González Rojas, who has criticized the “lack of participation” in the Housing Plan presented, has indicated that “the numbers do not square” in the program of housing acquisition, to depend on “endless” of imponderables “. In addition, he does not understand how there are financial entities that at the beginning of the mandate said they did not have housing and now “suddenly yes so that the City Council can buy it”, which he considers “the scam of the stamp”.

In this regard, the mayor, Juan Espadas, has asked not to make “puerile or demagogic” speeches and ensures that the houses are private and not banks. Remember that financing is needed to carry out operations, taking into account that investment in housing is amortized over a number of years, like infrastructure, “by common sense”.


In addition, the Plenary has agreed the proposed budget modifications for a new program of subsidies for the fight against gender violence (300,000 euros), the agreement with UN-Habitat (200,000 euros), for the rehousing of Los Pajaritos (350,000 euros), the modernization of the taxi (450,000 euros), the social assistance program for the acquisition of basic necessities (60,000 euros), the financing of Fibes (1,053,541 euros), for the museum project of the Brotherhood of Hope of Triana ( 60,000 euros) and for the repayment installments of the state loan for the extinct company Sevilla Global (113,000 euros), among others.

Moreno, in favor of funds being donated to the Esperanza de Triana museum, has been betting that it be done with objective criteria of equality among all the fraternities, something that Rojas has shared, who also does not understand the withdrawal of funds to the Management of Urbanism of more than 1.8 million euros, ten percent of the transfers to it, and criticizes the withdrawal of funds from items introduced in the budget by IU.

For his part, PP councilor Rafael Belmonte has criticized the lack of socialist government model and “unresolved” issues. Also, the mayor of Cs Javier Moyano wonders if these funds are not necessary for the Planning Department and point out that the budgetary management of the PSOE is being “regrettable”.

At the same time, the Plenary Session has definitively approved the detailed study of plots 4.1 and 4.2 of the AP-2 Zone of the Special Plan of the Port of Seville and has given the green light to authorize Emasesa to carry out an interest-free financing operation for the Center. Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) worth 250,000 euros to improve by drones the inspection of collectors and other places of confinement.

Also, it has been agreed to request a change in the calendar of the opening of Sundays and holidays, with the exchange of August 15 for June 30, since “in August much of the city is usually outside and on vacation “Castreño explains. However, Participa Sevilla and IU have been against to understand that they do not take into account the rights of workers, while Cs defends that by moving it to a day in which there are rebates is favored that purchases are made in people and in local businesses.